Canfor Utensili S.r.l. was founded in Milan on 1973 with an innovative idea “the nylon fishtape Ø 4 mm” which was an alternative to the steel  fishtapes  generally used. The nylon fishtape had a continuous development from both  qualitative and innovative points of view. Thereafter Canfor designs, realizes and introduces new products on the market, both for civil and industrial applications, as the nylon-steel fishtapes or the range of glassfiber fishtapes which are available in different diameters.
Since 1985 Canfor introduces cases and reels for fishtapes: efficient tools which keep in order and always available the fishtape. Nowadays Canfor has one of the most of assorted range of products both of national and international level. Every electricians can choose the right product which meets and satisfies all their demands taking into consideration both the kind of job to carry out and their own budget. Canfor pays attention to electricians’ needs, that’s why includes new practical products like the range of decoilers and cable grips. Specific products for installing cables can be found in Canfor, for example the antifriction liquid which facilitates and solves all problems due to insertion and pull of cables into the pipes; this liquid reduces 70 % of friction and makes wires sliding in every situation.

In the new millennium Canfor introduces new practical and useful products, also patented, like the Perlon® IDEAL FISHTAPE in 2007 and the Motorized Reels IN.TI. in 2008. Since 2006 a new innovative and helpful fishtape comes to the market: the DINAMIC polyester fishtape. Over the years this fishtape has been the subject of more studies and developments, so a new product was introduced in the market in 2014: the polyester fishtape Ø 3 mm art. 173.

Canfor is one of the best brand in the National and European market both for civil and industrial applications. All Canfor’s products are studied, tested and approved to be always at the cutting edge; they distinguishes for the excellent quality of raw materials, for the specific controls, and especially for their easy use.


Thanks to the daily commitment of all the Staff, Canfor Utensili, was able to achieve important goals: in 2009 the Chamber of Commerce in Milan rewarded the company with a diploma and a medal called “Ambrogino d’Oro” for the laudable activity. In January 2010 the company received a certificate of Honor and the award “Mercurio d’Oro Milano”: “… as a sign of the business merit and to highlight the important contribution of the small and medium-sized enterprise to the economic and social development”.
Canfor Utensili obtained the quality certification according to the rule UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the activity “ Design and production of pulling fishtapes for civil and industrial application. Sale of tools and accessories for electricians.”
The respect for the environment is one of the most important commitments for Canfor Utensili, as a matter of fact since September 2008 the company reduce the emissions of 30 tons of CO2 thanks to the photovoltaic system which is installed on the factory’s root in Milan.

Clean energy

We always sustain the environment.

Canfor is particularly committed to causes such as clean energy: since September 2008 the company reduces the emissions of 30 tons of CO2.


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