Canfor - Catalogo Generale 2022

LIQUIDI E TRACCIANTI / LIQUIDS & MARKING PAINTS 04 LIQUIDI E TRACCIANTI / LIQUIDS & MARKING PAINTS 91 FLUID - NO FRICTION LIQUID This water-based lubricant is a specific solution in order to install electrical cables. Thanks to its lubricating action this product enables to simplify and solve all problems due to installation and recovery of electrical cables inside pipes. The cables get more sliding in all situations due to a decrease of friction for the 70%. Being very flowing and having better sliding characteristics, FLUID (in comparison to the traditional systems) enables both introduction of new cables into pipes and removal of old cables, even individually. Its long-lasting lubricating action avoids cable’s corrosion and the following loss of insulation’s resistance. For professional purposes. Ready to use. Packaged in bottles of 1 l or in tanks of 5 l. To be used within 12 months from date of packaging. It doesn’t dry and it doesn’t make obstructions. Non-combustible. It is inert chemically and non-toxic. It is compatible with any kind of cables. It doesn’t cause any reaction which could damage the insulation’s materials, but it protects cables very well and maintains its lubricating effect from degradation for long time. How to use: spray Fluid on the cable and/or the hank. Proceed with the cables’ installation. Important notice: only liquid version of Fluid must be put directly on the cable and not inside conduits. The gel and spray versions can also be introduced into the conduits. Warning! It can’t tolerate coldness. Please avoid contact with surfaces made with ceramic, wood, marble, carpet, etc… In case of contact, please use a common spot remover. Don’t ingest. Keep in a cool, dry place far from heat sources. Keep out of the reach of children. ✓ Non essicca / It doesn’t dry ✓ Non crea ostruzioni nelle condotte / It doesn’t make obstructions inside pipes ✓ Permette l’infilaggio di altri cavi / It enables introduction of new cables ✓ Mantiene le spire delle matasse lubrificate / The hank will remain lubricated ✓ Permette la rimozione dei conduttori esausti, anche singolarmente / It enables the removal of old cables, even individually