Canfor - Catalogo Generale 2022

SVOLGITORI / DECOILERS 05 SVOLGITORI / DECOILERS 97 DECOILERS “ARIANE”: the cables are finally tidy! One of the most important need of an electrician is being able to have all the cables ready for their use. The patented decoiler “ARIANE” is a great help to all electricians, which reduce working time and allow to assemble from three to nine coil holders, each one can be removed individually. The supporting frame is realized with galvanized steel; each coil holder made in shockproof plastic rotates on its support and you only need to extract the wire from the internal coil, while the external end must be fixed into the container’s hole. This procedure is essential because the wire, which is introduced in the proper guide, is protected from damaging twisting that can be due to the free external end. All cables are separated and ready to use, the operator can select the necessary wire and extract the requested length with one hand only. In consideration of the normal work’s condition during the civil and industrial installations, each operator will appreciate the importance and the advantages of this product. Each decoiler contains regular skeins of Ø 290 mm, no preliminary preparation is requested, they are always ready to use. Thanks to the limited sizes, this product can be carried in a common vehicle.